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Providing Aspiring Actors & Models With an Exciting Platform to Showcase Their Talents

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US-Based Talent Management & Services Company

JW Talent Management is a boutique talent management and services company dedicated to promoting bright new talent in the acting, modeling, and fashion industries.

Our diverse clientele includes casting agents, casting directors, designers, department stores, photographers, brands, digital media, television networks and film/commercial production companies. We offer services throughout the United States, primarily focusing on the Tri-State area surrounding New York.

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Your Success Begins Here

If you have the talent and the hunger to succeed, we are ready to do everything it takes to help you shine bright! 

Here is a brief overview of what we offer:

  • Clear Vision – We start with a clear vision and pride ourselves on the thoughtful, transparent, honest, and effective management of our talents.
  • Personalized Services – We understand that no one-size approach fits all when it comes to talent and offer expert guidance tailored to your strengths and weaknesses.

Why Choose Us

Our excellent track record speaks for itself. We prioritize quality over quantity, using a thorough evaluation and recruitment process to onboard only a limited number of applicants.

We invest our time and resources to provide our talents with hands-on guidance throughout the process, including areas of focus, training, and strategic marketing.

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We have been signed with JW Talent for over 3 years and we love working with JW Talent. They are very organized and manages all the booking projects smoothly. JW Talent always takes time to work and prepare us and truly cares about our success. We got to work on different types of opportunities and have learned so much from each jobs. JW Talent is the best and we are very happy and to have been signed with them and couldn’t ask for a better manager to work with – they are the best.

- By B.P.

This was my first experience ever working in this kind of industry. Since the first day we started working with JW Talent, I was already getting booked for projects. So far, I have booked several well known TV Shows, feature film roles, music video and print campaign. We love the experience.

- By A.C.

JW Talent is very professional to work with and expects the same level of professionalism from us. At the end of the day, this is business and I can respect JW Talent and their hard work. We came with no experience and within few months, I was booking commercial and film projects. It’s been a big learning curve but we love the experience. We look forward to working and learning more from JW Talent and the team for years to come! 

- By K.N.

Working with JW Talent was the best decision I made. I had been trying unsuccessfully to get my daughter booked for several months. Within a month of signing with JW Talent, my 12 year old daughter had booked her first appearance on a feature film. JW Talent always takes the time to explain what is expected and always communicates the essential details to ensure we have a successful shoot. I highly recommend checking them out if you want to get your kids started on the right foot! I have learned a lot in the past nine months.

- By A.C.

My child has been represented by JW Talent for well over three years now. During this time, I have noticed how being represented by JW Talent has benefited my child in several ways. Initially, she was very shy when encountering new situations and unfamiliar people. She also had difficulty reading and learning lines. Now fast forward over 3 years, she is able to make friends easily and finds it much easier to show her personality. She is excited about reading and exploring different characters on the bookings she gets. As a matter of fact, she is reading EVERTHING now. Large crowds still make her nervous, but wow, has she come a long way! I am very happy with the individual attention that my child gets with JW Talent. Both me and my child are grateful for how the opportunities have brought a nice excitement in our lives. Thank you JW Talent for caring and being a part of our family!

- By DJ.